i like the redheads
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Favorite Doctor + Rose Moments: 12/∞

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» ; send me a six word story describing my muse.
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I need some serious interaction and my dash is dead, id love to be part of the community.


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If you are afraid to talk to me because you are under the impression I’m too cool for you, please don’t be.

Not only are preventing yourself from talking to someone who you think is cool you are preventing me from talking to a cool person…

» Go clothes shopping for my character.


I’m certain you’ve been screaming to put them in SOME kind of outfit so drop it in the submit box!


Our characters can only see black and white but when meet their soulmate the world suddenly gains color. Send ♡ for my characters reaction to having the world gain color when they bump into your muse.

The Doctor had looked at the stranger only for just a moment and when they both had eye contact, that’s when the world’s colors soon came into view. He blinked a few times, and he looked around to see if it was actually true. A smile appeared on his face and he looked back at the man. 


"You and me, we’re soulmates?"



bisexual and pansexual people are actually made of stardust and flames and are immortal pass it on