» The Oncoming… Baby?



"That’s no’ an answer."

Clara rolled her eyes as he tried to mimic the breathing exercises. “I kicked you out because you called ‘em rubbish. Now, I don’ know what you’re lookin’ for the baby bag for-“

And then she felt it; quick and painful all throughout her body. She panicked.


"Don’ panic, Clara! Continue doing the breathings. Don’ wanna stress the baby out. Keep calm. I’ll be in there in jus’ a moment." He dug through Clara’s closest, looking for baby things. 

Diapers? Will we need those? Maybe. He grabbed two handful of diapers, shoving them into the bag. He put a box of baby wipes in, a pink, newborn baby onesies in the bag, and some toys. After that, he rushed out of the bedroom, heading to the kitchen with the bag on his shoulder.

"Heeh, whooo, Heeh whoooo. Repeat what I jus did. Probably not’ exactly like dat but close to it." He said, giving the motions to his words as he passed by the living room and went into the kitchen.

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the next song on their playlist is Anaconda and you bet your ass they know every single lyric


And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn't like endings.



Oh my GOD

I was expecting this to be a gif backstory



"What are you on about?"

She shifted on the couch, overdue by a week and uncomfortable no matter what she did. She was grumpy anyway, especially now that he was starting his Time Lord mumbo jumbo.

"You’re bein’ weird."

"Jus’ calm down, Clara. Easy breaths. Breathe in through ta nose and out through ta mouth. Or was it mouth then nose? Come on, do da breathin’ thing. Like those classes you took and I you kicked me out ‘a." He began to mimic the breathing exercise while he got up and went to Clara’s bedroom.

"Keep doin’ ‘em, Clara! Jus’ keep calm and breathe on as the kids say!" He called out from the bedroom, looking what you need for child birth.

"Where’s the baby bag? I don- Nevermind."





my favorite headline of all time

And it was all caught on tape

Just this once, Rose…